The door of Shamaballah (the heart: the residence of God)

Blog to promote an interactive movement within the framework of the work of synthesis, presented in the Pangeosis site. The work of synthesis is conceived to release the collective conscience. It is based on the knowledge and the control of universal energy. It relates to each human being and its responsibility. It calls especially upon the leaders: policies, social, economic, professional, scientific, educational and medical and spiritual and religious.

The true spiritual guide leads its hosts until the top of the highest white mountain of light where the panoramic vision opens in all the directions, like a reflection of the universe. Many guides keep their followers in the refuges of the limits of their vision although they are only the steps of rising to the vision of the top.

from the instructor of the world

Thursday, September 3, 2015

World day of Peace, September 21, 2015

We invite all to unite you beyond your divisions, hostilities and opinions in your neighborhood, your village at any place (station, square, gardens, school...) to share your union in joy. The union is the basis of lasting peace.

Coincidence: it is the day of Saint Matthew (means God's gift). His mind focused like a hammer in Beethoven inspiring him the anthem of joy.

 Celebrate with ease, creative and accessible to all.
-Made eventually rounds singing (or playing instruments) the hymn on lyrics by Miguel Ríos (make  copies)
-Speak a short thought for peace in the world in this style:
' The light of peace, love and the power of the spirit of truth fill the triangle Paris-Madrid-Rome in the heart of Earth in which the new center of the human race is in forming according to the plan mentioned by the Great Invocation. That its realization affects the officials of the humanity to change their paradigms towards fair relations spreading over all the Earth.

-Share or treat something (remember, drink, eat...)

-Finish always embracing all according to possibility

A peaceful demonstration is thousand times more powerful than attacks of violence who threaten the tree centers. On Rome weighs even a serious threat as the Pope made imply. You'll find explanations on the triangle in another post of the blog (

A message about the plan of the planetary evolution mentioned by the Great Invocation will be disponible in 
the link page "messages" of this blog.

Good luck. That the day of peace becomes a manifestation of active participation of all! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The will of the divine plan

The will of the divine plan conform on the Gran Invocation

The King said to his servers: “So go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find" (Matthew,  22,9)
"All are called, those which accept are elected."
This is the contents of the exteriorization of the spiritual hierarchy
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The exteriorization of the spiritual hierarchy explained.

 The will of the divine plan.

Already since the origins of human history there is evidence that the human being was guided by the spirit of light of more subtle plans. That appeared by beings known under various names such as: beings of light, masters of wisdom, older brothers, guides, Angels, or God himself. The last Decades this phenomenon is amplified and any kind of beings of light seem to be involved.

What is it?

According to the cosmic divine plan, everything is unit forming a single body with the potential of the great Single, Universal and Infinite Consciousness. She is realizing by expressing at several levels of manifestation.  The human being is a manifestation of the energies of this Great Hierarchized Consciousness in a specific, single, dense and basic physical form (such as the knee, part of the cosmic energies, focused in the coccyx center of our body. The human being is like a hologram gifted of the potential of the Cosmic Conscience.  We find a cosmic projection of the hierarchy on the level of the galaxy in the Constellation of Christ Aquarius.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The exteriorization of the planetary spiritual hierarchy in the framework of the return of Christ-Bouddha, the Instructor Spirit of the world

                                                                 A planetary call

The time has come to launch the exteriorization of the spiritual hierarchy of the world, according to the plan. '

The Divine plan objective

To manifest a synthesis of the potential of love, wisdom and active intelligence of incarnate and non-incarnate light beings. The plan is to manifest, in a concrete way, an active service of solidarity and fraternity of more advanced and more experienced brothers, with their less experienced brothers. In fact, all the world is part of this. Even though one calls the more advanced beings masters of wisdom, on the world plan, these are guides, more or less advanced and experienced, who have to , all the same, continue' ad infinitum'  to learn, as all masters are also disciples and 'vice versa.


Monday, February 27, 2012

First convivience of the guides and persons in charge for a new world.

The goal
 a meeting between guides and all the people who feel responsible for the change for our world towards a better world.


Between the 15 and July 28, 2012 close to Siena in Italy (Tuscan), Serre di Rapolano, in the  heartchakra of the earth, place known under the name:  the living Rock (Sasso), symbol of the soul.

It is a place to discover a new life style by the practical teaching of convivience. It is a center of realization of “the universal school of the life “and the universal movement for the convergence of the planetary conscience” pangeosis. “
Forfait of participation for a week (7j): 210€ (lunch + rooms of 2 people or more).
Inscription and informations: send mail


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A short summary on the transformation of the world

The last full moon (with green halo) November Sasso, it forms the light above the Cup of the Grail, or the soul above our head
Since 2005 an intensification of new energy operates on the earth, accelerating the awakening of consciousness in human beings. Those more sensitive among us engage themselves in the discovery and expression of new paradigms and a change in the way of seeing the visible material world towards a more subtle, invisible. Others feel threatened and pressured to strengthen and control over the existing order. Between both trends there is a mixture of different scale processes.
This polarization has its origin in the different degrees of resistance by the law of manifestation. In the case of the human the resistance depends on the degree of freedom as realized consciousness. Unless we are aware, the more we will have a survival behavior subject to unavoidable or fatal course of life with his parameters of resistance and dominating forces. The law of domination (divide et impera) is the principal law which directed the old paradigms. She regulates the relations between human beings as based on division and separation by inability to overcome differences and resistances between them. This accentuated the belief that individual interests are incompatible with collective interests. It nourished the collective unconsciousness with his blind weight that determines the mass of people do not see how a powerful minority is manipulating her by a mixture of interests.
That is what has rightly encouraged the awakening of a new consciousness. She is no longer merely individual and selfish, but also tends to the planetary level to be collective, innovative, creative and selfless. This is the true meaning of a critical mass emerging. It is the understanding that we can only be free, protect and keep us by going beyond the limits of the visible material world, the causes of domination, ignorance and fear. That is an opening reconnecting with the sources of the inexperienced, unknown and not directly visible world. Thus the unconscious mass is gradually transformed by a critical mass that discovers the potential of freedom, offered by his new consciousness across the existing order. It does so through concrete collective actions that aspire to change our distorted relationship with the environment (pollution, food, electricity, telephone ...) or institutions (banking, commercial production ...).
Depending on the context of this awakening, the world is divided broadly into the four main directions: east-west and north-south. Although all elements are present in each of them, a general trend of dual-polarization occurs: first, a more passive polarization of mental-spiritual level between east (Asian-African) and west (American), according to the rotation of the earth, and then a more active polarization material political and economic level between north and south, along the inclined axis of the earth's magnetic field.
The first polarization has increased the awakening of spiritual consciousness in the West, revealing the poverty of its civilization by the dominance of material interests. The second polarization exacerbates the difference between the society in the northern part of the globe, organized on the consciousness of separation by individualism subject to unlimited competition, and the society of the southern part of the world, that keeps the remains of a consciousness more collective, though primitive.
These polarizations are limits. Without exceeding them, they cause conflicts that escape from the critical mass and they are causing that the needed changes, stay in the air, losing their effectiveness. Without a critical mass, effective and realistic, there is no real transformation and there is no possibility that the main objective of the changes will be realized: the strength of union and fusion to exteriorize the universal brotherhood. The aim is not to destroy the old or to escape in the air of the subtle from other dimensions, but to open, adapt, upgrade and harmonize all that lack of balance. Let us give up only what obstructs and get out of what turns this process.
The divine purpose cannot to separating us from the inferior dimensions, but to live and to be present and aware in all dimensions. The divine purpose is to live in fullness, bliss, perfection and abundance at all and in, with and by all people, both at the level of the physical manifestation and at the subtle level of the spirit. This means that as far as we move into the divine consciousness, there is no scale of development which reaches its final destination. All scales are not more than instruments and are reduced to illusions in the divine consciousness where the only truth is to live the unconditional love e of the infinite way of the right middle with its possibilities and measures of infinite relations.
In all parts of the world's new energy lights the spiritual awakening. We discover the power of critical mass but not all the same. It is still mixed with the old paradigms or causes extolled and unrealistic reactions whose effects are not sufficiently anchored in a three-dimensional equilibrium. Without this realistic basis, there is no real manifestation of other dimensions possible. This force then remains at virtual level, while the old forces resist and keep their roots.
In light with the polarizations mentioned let us see nearer the polarization between north and south that seems to concentrate in the concept of the Greater Iberia. The idea has its origin in ancient civilizations in the world which Iberian (Latin) and Anglo-Saxon-Gallo formed a single entity lost. The essence of this unit is mainly kept in the Iberian Peninsula around the Pyrenean area with a concentration in the Basque country (original aspect) and the Catalan region (projection aspect).
We note that current changes awaken the memory of the old unit and nourish the dream of restoring the spiritual level to open the European Community which has from the beginning a too materialistic and political-economic aim, and that as an indication for the rest of the world.
The idea of the Greater Iberia, born in Spain, reflects very well the difference between northern and southern Europe. The south has kept more sensitivity to the collective spirit. He needs it more than the northern exteriorized, even until exaltation (heating aspect). But this spirit seems to create a collective spiritual ego. For his pioneering role at the collective level, it may take a role of domination and to curb and limit itself by pride to the Latin-Spanish (European-Latin-american) world in developing its own cultures and ways to express themselves through a single language. This prevents to reach the planetary union. There is a real risk of creating a new manipulation by the strongest leaders who want show the new collective force without teaching the individuals to put in perspective the own values in front of other.
The Spanish world apparently has problems of flexibility and adaptation in order to integrate different components to its concepts, although this is not an exclusive and typical Iberian-Spanish problem. It exists in all places in the world and at all levels. But by the awareness of its leadership, the Spanish world is called to greater responsibility and self-criticism and discernment.
Let us see now for the neighbors of France. So now we see relatively few spiritual relations with the Iberian world. The French would be logically first in this process of spiritual convergence. In France we do not find a similar class movement converges. There are more sectarianism and selfishness that divide the country. But this individualism grows more interiorizing and concrete exteriorizing. It develops the necessary changes that are realistic and touching the earth. Plus we're going north over the trend seems to confirm (Belgium, Holland.).
Here people are pushed to more skepticism and individualism. This explains the recourse to regulations and laws to maintain order between the interests of divided individuals. But they reinforce the tendency to withdraw into oneself and not compromising oneselve. That's the other part of what blocks the convergence of the collective consciousness. This frustration is the cause of the illusion of self-sufficiency, knowledge better than the other one and an individual pride of superiority. They block the realization of a collective spirit of fraternal union, registered in the constitution but practiced only in emergencies. This opens the door for manipulation by the most cunning and the strongest, either in political, spiritual or other level.
We then have between the north and south a synthesis of differences that exist in the world. They are the key to the convergence of global consciousness and the harmonious transformation of the world without conflicts.
Overcome these dualities asked to change our unconscious attitudes, personal and collective process to create fairer relationships. Especially there is a real lack of inventing more authentic and creative expressions that can transcend the differences that separate us from the same context of convergence. This is very concrete and request changes on the level of our concrete life (food, ways of working schedules, celebrations ....). Especially, the two sides, north and south, east and west, have to leave the conviction of superiority and importance any more. We are all brothers and sisters complementary and equal. We must all learn from each other and teach each other. Nobody is more important than the other. We only have different levels of sensitivity and realization of our divine nature to share with each other. We are, according to our experience of the moment, the cells traveling through the different organs in one body.
It is a movement that has interactive multidimensional directions. We are all teachers and pupils, brothers and sisters in the service of the greater good of the planetary and cosmic unity. Our frontiers are only a reflection of the limits of our consciousness and our inability to put us in a harmonious and responsible planetary unity. As long as we want to impose, for any reason, also spiritual, we are building new frontiers. The only way to avoid this is to remove us on the right time, making the distance without a fight, unless we are in a situation of life or death.
We must not reject our features or those of others (the false globalization). But we must value and perspective to not only maintains them as valid to impose on the other, which has other sensitivities and needs to express themselves. We need to open and enrich us. The authentic spiritual creativity (or conscious) is the only effective way to overcome the polarizations and possible conflicts. It implies that we realize when we make incompatible mixtures with the old paradigms because they block us in achieving the objective of new paradigms of convergence. They are summarized in the word: convivence. It is the creation of the fairer relations with ourselves, the environment and the other for the greater good of all. An act is creative when it is adapted to liberate us from our divisions and problems, when it gives us joy and abundance, when we get closer as brothers and sisters, when we can enter in the union which is not visible but which we recognize as the dream of our inner paradise: the realization of unconditional love in the physical manifestations of the multidimensional life.
As we all make mistakes, we all have to reorient us in that direction. Whether it will be the most profound of our wishes of Christmas which is approaching.